mucho amor

mucho amor

Monday, May 9, 2011

Midyear Examination =='

currently in an extremely-sucks examination mood. can you imagine how suffer I am sitting for 3 weeks examination? no time for television. no way to online-ing. there is a lot of NO during the exam. aiyoo. bole jadi gila maaa! tapi takpee, for this year only aku akan merasa peperiksaan pertengahan tahun. lepas ni takde dahh. so terpaksa lah kan. nak taknak akhir tahun ni aku kena ambil spm jugak =='

Today, I had Bahasa Melayu paper. and it was an 'amazing' paper everrr! *sheessshh.
There is no paper for tomorrow. so, yaaaaaay! hahah :)

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