mucho amor

mucho amor

Friday, November 19, 2010

SPM candidates, :)

okay, i'm posting this one to all my friends that are going to sit for examination next week. hell yeah. SPM dude. so, all the best guys. I hope all your hardworks all this time will pay off by getting a SUPERB results next year. I'm here will always pray for your success. I hope you can answer all the questions after trying so hard all this time. so, GOOD LUCK !

♥ my bro, Mohd Irfan
♥ my greatest sister, Sue
♥ my awesome one, Lily Farhah
♥ my adorable friend, Lyna Azis
♥ newest friend, Aziiera
♥ old friend, Ezmir
♥ pilot wannabe, Asyraf
♥ all facebook friends
♥ and ofcourse SMK Seri Gombak students


  1. alyaa,best lah blog kau!
    aku ade jgk buat post goodluck tok bdk2 spm
    tapi post kau lg gempak! haahh -.-

  2. biase je, tak best pun. org lain lagi best kot :| haha. gempak? kau lagi gempak! aku dah bace dahh :)