mucho amor

mucho amor

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eight Days To Live ♥

seriously yesterday I felt really bored. nothing interesting to do. just stayed at home and do the usual activity. watching tv, surfing the internet and bla bla bla. I woke up for about 9.50 am. I saw my mum at the kitchen. preparing the breakfast maybe? and my brother watching televison. **huh, takde benda lain ke budak ni nak buat. then i go to the toilet, washed my face and go to the living room. **yes, daniel dah tak tengok tv. okay, lepas tengok tv la baru mandi. then, i picked the remote control and changed the channel. **takde cerita best ke? then, I push the info button on the astro's remote control and turned to Diva Universal Channel, 702. the story was, Eight Days To Life. hmm, sounds great. then I decided to watch that movie. The story was about a mother searches for her lost son, who goes missing after his car veers off the road and falls down a steep embankment. When the story started, they focussed on the mother. I don't know why, when I look at the women which is a mother in this story, I can feel that this is a sad story. I can saw that there were lots of pain and hardness in her life. After thirty minutes, my mum came to me and ask me to shower first. I was like : ma akak nak tengok cerita ni dulu. jap lagi la mandi tau tau? :D *buat muka tk bersalah kat situ. HAHA. then, I asked my mum to watch with me. My mum also have a same opinion with me. yaaaaaay! :) The movie end 2 hours later which is 12pm. yeahh, aku dengan tak mandinya, tak breakfast dah tengok tv. Dah nak buat macam mana. sape suruh cerita tu best sangat. HAHA.

okay, selepas tengok cerita tu aku agak insaf jugak la. yelaa, cerita tu pasal mak yg sangat berusaha nak cari anak dia yg hilang. while husband dia buat nak taknak je cari. and dapat pengajaran jugak la. kita jangan la tau nak bantah cakap mak ayah kita je. kalau dorg tak bagi, mesti ada sebab kan? so jangan la pandai pandai buat keputusan sendiri yg tak sure lagi mendatangkan kebaikan :) cewahh, berdakwah jap aku kat sini. haha.

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